Gabage Bread

On the recommendation of a friend, I tried Garbage Bread.  Apparently this is something out of the New York area.  As a big fan of pizza and all it’s iteration, I was more than game to try this.

The friend sent the recipe for Buffalo Chicken Garbage Bread. I’d never heard of this before but the idea seemed like it would be very good.    I had extra time so I went ahead and made my own dough from scratch with enough extra to do a regular loaf of bread also.

For Christmas last year, my parents got me a silicone pastry mat.  I had seen my mom using her’s to roll out bread and commented how well it worked.  Far better than the old cloth one that I was still using.  The measurements are pretty helpful to when you are doing pizza.

This is one of the best things for an item like garbage bread because it allows you to roll it up with ease.   After I folded the first two inches of dough over, I just grabbed the mat and pulled the whole roll of bread tight. I set the edge of the mat onto the tray and rolled the whole thing onto the cooking tray.

I cooked at 415 to give it a bit more time for the center to cook since mine looked thicker than the one in the picture.  Total cooking time was about 35 minutes. After 10 minutes to cool down, I sliced it up for tasting.

We are very used to buffalo chicken dip and this isn’t that.  I probably should have had more sauce and cheese than what I had in there.  That would have made it more calzone-ish.  I will do the concept again and probably go back to some of the standard pizza type ingredients.

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